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Maroznia & Caico

Mary & Caico

Animal Communication

What is my animal trying to tell me?

What is my dog really thinking?

Why does my cat do that? 

These are common questions people ask about their pet and you can find out what is really happening at a deeper level.  Our cherished animal (cat, dog, bird, snake, horse or even a rat; living or passed) has a deeper part to them and they feel, experience and understand things in life that go beyond what we might think. 

Each and every animal comes into our lives for a reason, it could be brief and fleeting but

there is a message in that encounter. 

That is where I can be of service to help you understand these messages, answer your questions and guide you to closure for a passed loved one. 

Hands On Energy Healing & Massage 

Just like us animals get aches and pains and can get depressed or anxious. Is your animal friend experiencing physical pain, joint stiffness with aging or just doesn't seem like his usual self?  With hands on Energy Healing & Massage your furry loved one may feel an all over sense of wellness and may find that energy again. This type of healing is not to replace medical attention in anyway but to enhance the overall well being of your furry loved one and bring all back to balance once again. 

*Placing hands physically on the animal may not always be the best choice in difficult situations, but using healing energy from a short distance away my be the best option at the time.

*This service is done in person. Location will be decided when appointment is made such as a local park, dog park or home. 

Here you can see Mary, a living woman from Connecticut giving JoJo, a living Dog, a hands on therapeutic massage with her hands placed on the dogs chest and back as the dog lies on her side with a happy look on her face.

Services Available;

  • Animal Communication 

  • Canine Massage Therapy with Hands on Energetic Balancing Treatment

  • Combination of Animal Communication & CMT with Energetic Balancing Treatment

In person is local to Central Connecticut

depending on location a travel fee may be added

See a full list of Services Here

JoJo receiving Canine Massage Therapy
Photo by Katherine C.

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