Reading with Mary

Psychic Mediumship Reading

This reading is about communicating with Spirit, Human or Animal, This may be people or pets you know that have passed on, Angels or other benevolent beings that want to connect with you and communicate in some way. My approach to this is very eclectic. I may use cards, crystals or psychometry (using a physical object to communicate or connect with a person who has passed.) I may also Channel my Twin Light beings, or other multi-dimensional beings to convey messages for your personal growth about your past, present or future. I may use all of these or none of these modalities to do a reading. I allow, and Spirit will guide me. 

This reading can be up to 1 hour.


Card Reading

This card reading is about helping you make decisions in your life, a guidance system of sorts, a way to map out a direction. I have several decks for which to choose and will be led on the best card deck for you. It is a way to break up the energetic blockages using a "specialized card spread" that will help you on your spiritual path. I recommend this type of reading for anyone who is on a Soul Journey, looking to better themselves and move forward in life.

This reading can be up to 45 minutes.


Once you purchase your reading we will set up your appointment!

Skype, Duo or In Person (at home office) are available

(*Travel fee may be added)

We accept Square Payment

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