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Will my beloved Pet go to heaven?

How can you possibly say goodbye to the furry ones you love? The loss of a pet can be devastating, worse yet, sometimes they go off on their own to find a soft place to release their spirit and you are left wondering and waiting.

I have experienced the loss of many loving and wonderful pets as they came to the end of their little lives here on Earth, there was always a deep connection for me and my beloved critters. Maybe this will help you when the time approaches to help your beloved baby release it's spirit. Do they really go to Heaven when they pass?

This is a true experience I had when I was 29 years old.

My first cat, my first real pet that was all mine, Mineoux, a domestic long-haired cat who possibly had some Maine Coon in her.

I received Mineoux as a gift when I was 18. She was amazing, fluffy white and grey fur that made her look like the queen of the cats, her loving personality was so that she would always wait in the driveway for me in the evening and follow me into the house. Her never failing obedience to come in the house, eat her dinner and snuggle in bed with me and sleep soundly through the night. She was that way for 10 years, then something was going wrong. How could this be? She is only 10. She had a condition that was causing fluid to build up around her heart and her lungs and she could not breath and would not eat. The vet tried his best that medical modalities would allow. I had to make a decision. This was my first time making this kind of decision and it was painful and frightening.

Nevertheless, she could not hold on any longer. The decision to release her spirit was made. It was a sad day for me. I felt depressed and lost each time I would pull in the driveway knowing she was not there to greet me.

After being haunted by my sadness for Mineoux, a year had passed and I still questioned my decision. I needed help, I found a spiritual healer/counselor in Hartford, CT.

The day had arrived to see Barbara. We sat in her office to talk about my issues. Mineoux, the decisions, the sadness, the missing her etc... It seemed as though that was all I could get out. We talked a bit more and she had me lay on her therapy table to work in some Reiki (hands on spiritual energy healing).

My out of body experience;

After clearing my chakras , Barbara said that she was going to say a prayer and she had her hands planted firmly on my feet. It only seemed seconds later that I was sitting up, facing a small child, dressed in a lovely white dress, with bright blue eyes and long curly dark hair. The child grasped my hand and said "Come with me", as I grasped the child's hand I felt myself step off the table and follow. We left the office and entered another door across from Barbara's office. It opened to a bright sunny day in an exquisite garden. It all seemed so normal to me. There were trees and flowers, butterfly's and birds flying about. I could smell the sweet bouquet of the gardens. I could see lots of children playing around us with rabbits, dogs and cats.

I was brought to a grassy area where I sat down and a child put Mineoux in my lap. She was so vibrant and white, I cannot remember her so white. She spoke to me telepathically and said that she never is hungry, always warm and happy. She will wait for me and when the right time comes, I can go and pick her up and take her with me. I said OK, and in a flash I was back on the table waking up to my own sobs of happiness.

I soon realized I was touched by a cherub, a sweet celestial being that had a purpose, a job to watch and take care of the animals that have passed until we can go a pick them up from the "Gardens of Peace", the holding place for our beloved pets.

I believe they are waiting there for us. When it is our turn to truly "go home" we can go to the "Gardens of Peace" and pick them up, all of them! Mary Maroznia Rossi is a Psychic Medium, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Cosmetologist. She also creates amazing Reiki infused soaps that you can find at

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