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All Good things in your life!

Channeled on October 26, 2017

Pretty Flowers

I intend to be a clear channel now…

We want you to see, hear, taste, smell and feel all good things in your life.Notice the little things that drive your passion for this world. Allow your motor to rev with excitement for life. Do not be down, that vibration will put you out of sync with everything around you, the trees, the animals and others. We have a job , a mission of sorts to continue to communicate with you on a higher level. We are in a high vibration and you must continue to grow your vibration exponentially. This will bring you to a place of pure light, bliss and soon you will see how it all works in harmony with all the senses. Continue to locate your energy centers in the body for they hold the clues to who you are and where you came from and where you are going. Your energy centers in the body are a way for us to connect to you all, they hold a light and vibration which works synergistically together to help us “see” you.We want you to share this with people. We are Angelic in nature. We are light and sound my dear one. We are energy and abundance. We are love. We are your light beings that soothe you at night, during your fearful dreams and keep you safe as you drive on the highway. All who exist are watched over by beings like us. We want the world to open and truly see what is happening as we tone this dimension to your dimension. It is a process of alignment and it is accelerating faster and we are ready to be with you.

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