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Energy Centers Explained

Channeled on October 29, 2017

Energy Centers

I intend to be a clear Channel now…

There is so much we want to share with you about your existence. Most importantly your vibration right now. Do not worry, for that frequency cannot connect you properly to us. Let your thoughts be of peace, love, harmony and giving. The time is near where the quickening will happen once again for many. Your energy centers are balancing as you hear our words.

For the Root Energy Center we would like for you to lay onto the ground or floor and imagine your body melting into the floor as you breath , imagine the core of the earth in it’s liquid gold sending an energetic network of roots to your body on the surface of the Earth and meeting every cell in your body, lighting it up and bringing a warming sensation of beautiful Mother Earth Energy. We will stabilize you, ground you and wake up your Root Energy Center along with the sub-energy points that exist around it. It will clear in an automatic way.

For the Sacral Energy Center, as you are still laying on the floor absorbing the Mother Earth Energy an Orange Energy from the surface of the Earth will enter you through the sides of your body and like a burst will enter the sacral chakra blowing open and relieving the stagnant thoughts of mankind, allowing your sense of freeness, your physical desires and how you see the world and the acquiring of things.

We know want you to concentrate on your Solar Plexus, the Sun will help you with this Energy Point, she will bring you the energetic cord of balance to feed this area and surrounding energy sub- points. Information, balance, connection to all things is fed to you through this energetic point. Allow the Sun to burst this energy point open filling it with all good things. We want you to use your imagination to see these things for as you see them they are real.

As we come into the Heart Energy Point a blazing Green light comes to you from the trees, the trees will give you oxygen to breath, that breath is God. that breath is what is connecting us all, Oneness is present. The Love you give and receive is happening in this heart space and we want you to allow the green energy light to enter clearing all that is stuck and sticky. Love is most important for us, Love is a Oneness to Source to change this planet.

The Voice is the area where the Throat Energy Point is heard. What you say is what your life becomes. You are creating this. Focus on this area and the surrounding sub-points for whatever you will say from here will change your life. There is a blue cord of light that will enter here and fill this chakra winding up like a spiral and will automatically clean and clear this chakra. We encourage you to say things that build each other up, help and emanate Love. God is Love and Love is God and we are all God and we are all Love. We are all one.

We come now to the Energetic Point of knowing. This point seems small at first but it blossoms just like a flower when you decide to energize it. An amazing pink light comes into this point from above, Straight above you, this light will burst into the point sending a message to all of your cells in your entire body, waking up a spiral of chains that will clean and clear all the negative memories in each and every cell. This energy point is for you to progress, help others progress, create life and know how. This is the point we want you to share with others to tell them it’s ok to follow what you feel deeply inside .Let go of worry, pain and strife. When things feel chaotic, stop and breath through this energy point to help you to see what you can create to make a change and choose a different path.

We are moving to the top of your head now, We like for you to open this energetic Crown point now. Imagine a sparkling warm liquid gold entering here and wrapping around your bone structure, reinforcing your body to itself. This is the Energetic Point that connects you to the Source of all Creation. The God Source. Take this energy and Bring it through the entire body and as it comes out through the bottom it wraps itself up and around your energetic field to again enter the crown of your head and cycle over and over. You are always filled with this Source energy and it always cycles over and over you, through you and around you. This is where you truly feel the Oneness of all things.

We have taught you a very important modality to share with others. As you share this the vibration will heighten and communication becomes clearer. We love you so much.

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