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GPS for your Soul

Channeled on November 26, 2017

GPS mountains

I intend to be a clear channel now…

Break things, situations and upsets down to its simplest forms in order to move forward. These things are distractions to your life that hinder you from moving forward with your dreams. Do you have a dream? A passion? A thought in your mind of how you see yourself, what it is you want or where it is you want to be? Manifestation of your thoughts are possible dear ones. We want you to balance your energy centers in order to help you focus with pinpoint accuracy to create, bring to life these “things” you wish for. For they are not just wishes you have blown into the wind, they are real physical life things, thoughts and tangible creations.A thought is a frequency that explodes from your mind, outward, beyond your physical body and travels upward and outward. This frequency is heard and seen by the Source of all energy and returns to you in a physical form. This will happen for you when you are ready for it. It is always up to you. You are the one who decides.

Guidance System; we have chosen a guidance system to help you through this physical life time. It is through your feelings that we want you to pay closer attention to. Your feelings are your gps. For those of you who are more sensitive and have abilities to use your “seeing energy center”, you may have met your guides already.This is a backup system of non-physical guides to come to you at certain times when you need the most help in making decisions, discerning feelings and emotions. All humans have access to these guides, it is your choice to call upon them when needed. These guides can be any kind of non-physical being, Angelic, a person who has passed on and wants to have that “job” or even elemental creatures who have never served on Earth in physical form. When you ask for help from these guides, they will always come to you. You must ask. Soon you will see the signs. You will have the experience of feeling love within.

It is time, time to see what is really important to you.There is a deep treasure awaiting its manifestation within you all. It is the sacred light that grows inside of each and everyone of you. You have forgotten this light. We need to remind you of it. It has been lost for many lifetimes. This light is the answer to all of your questions, the relief` from all of your fears, the bliss that carries you to a true inner happiness. There is a joy to be had, remember it. This joy will bring you all of your dreams to life.

When you have a thought of creation we want you to act quickly for your negative brain will want to destroy it. Do not let it be destroyed. Move toward your creative thought, allow this energy to flow from within you. This will expand your inner light and will deepen your connection with Source Energy. We are all energy, the physical, the non-physical and the metaphysical. We are here for you dear ones. Ask, believe, receive.

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