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Channeled on November 25, 2017

Dear ones of this Earth and this time, we want to share with you many things from the space around you. There is a great change that is happening now. You are learning to harness your power. Your energy is transmuting to reach further into your true self, the inner being that connects you to all the Universal God Energy. This energy enables you to reach for goals that, thus far, you have only seen the tip of. You are the greatness that breathes life. You are the creators of your own destiny. You have the capability to shine your light, even in the darkest of times. Let this spark grow, let it multiply and grow bigger and bigger. Do not doubt yourselves. All dreams are possible in your realm. You have physicality to bring your dreams to life, do not give up, do not leave them behind.

Passing through time is an illusion, time stands still when you notice it. We ask that you notice it as much as you can. All you have is the moment that you are in. We assure you that your experiences are for growth,emotionally, physically and spiritually.You are born into this world with all the information on what your life purpose was supposed to be and you quickly forgot what that was. We are here to remind you. We want you to dream, succeed, find yourself, feel emotions, live life with grand exuberance, but most of all to Love. Love yourself, spread love, use all of your five senses to experience love. In the grand scheme of things does love exist in your life? Share one thing that exhibits love, perhaps a smile, a small gesture, nicety or be there for someone. This is love. Helping another in some way, lifting them up. When you do something backed with love it changes you. That spark we mentioned earlier, it will grow and grow and reach out to the Universe and just like a boomerang it will be returned unto you. This is the secret law of attraction. Your thoughts send out a frequency and the Universe will mirror those thoughts back to you. Simple and effective.

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