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Level Up

Channeled on October 25, 2017

Leveling up

I intend to be a clear channel now…

We are here amongst you now, seeing all you see, watching all you watch, knowing all you know. Looking in on the daily life purpose you once promised to keep. You forgot your purpose. We are here to remind you of that purpose. Experience, good or bad. Do not get wrapped up in this duality for as you level up to the frequencies of Love this duality will not exist any longer. We encourage you to flow. Feelings are the future foundation of it all. Bring in the super consciousness to a light that will catapult you to another dimensional realm that all is possible. You are stuck in a 3rd dimensional world where thoughts are things but as you raise your vibration up level by level those thoughts become things and things become thoughts and it is all accessible without having to think. Bring forth your power to create for as we create we design our existence. The passion for life is a meaningful desire for everyone.

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