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Channeled on November 16, 2017

There is so much to share from beyond the physical realm. We look at you and see great potential. Your physical life is only one part and there is a vast space around you that you are tapping into. Let the frequencies multiply beyond measure. When you feel emotions your light will start to expand beyond this physical world. You have the power to discern your feelings and emotions in a positive or negative way. If we look at that in particular, in order to understand that one cannot exist without the other is paramount. There is a time that you had an experience that felt negative and we say this in the most simplest of terms, however if you did not experience this, how then could you understand the positive that are experiencing at another time?

Open up your Heart Energy Center for it is closely related to your mind. The energy center will release the proper frequencies to help you release your emotional upset. Raise you up level by level to start the balancing process. Once this balancing process occurs you can create a new belief. Change dramatically. There is a faster way and that is to trust yourself. Your inner self. The decision you make in a situation can happen as fast as a snap of your finger. We want you to use your freeness to make a choice in this process. You have the power to expand or contract. It’s your choice.

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