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For those of you in a struggle...

Channeled on October 24, 2017

I intend to be a clear channel now…

For those of you in a struggle, hear me clearly, this distraction of physical being is only temporary. A stitch in time that will help you grow, change, move you forward in this game called life. Look at it as a learning process to share down the road. Level up to a new understanding for you are meant to share this story at some point in your life with another. It is also a test for you to decide in which direction you are willing to go. What path is yours? How will you react. We suggest you level up to a place where you can see the situation from new eyes. Think a new way dear ones. You can decide to react a new way, a different way than the way you did in the past. Do not live in the past. This frequency is not a good frequency. Choose a calmness, a harmony and allow the other person to have their feelings and decide that that is ok. Let us help you. Breathe in . Breathe out. For this breath is Source. The Source of all creation. It is time for you to decide on a direction in your path, left or right. Up or down. Over here or over there. When you feel hurt, destroyed or problems occur, be thankful, grateful and feel the feelings on your own . Allow the flow, do not resist. Let it play out dear ones. For this is a game, the game is to reach a Loving point. A vibrational peak of beautiful exuberant love. Be good to yourself, love yourself as you wish and share that love amongst all you encounter. There will be struggle and strife and people will not always want to play nicely with you but you have a choice.

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