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We are all One

Channeled on 8/7/2018 7:27am

I intend to be the clear channel now

Pride, ego, dissatisfaction of things, worries, martyrdom… all negative...all must be released as soon as you can my dear ones for things are changing, energy is changing, life is changing, spirit is changing.

Call upon the great Source now, bend your thoughts to see more than you really see. Open up your mind, heart and your soul to really see beyond what you have truly seen so far, it is but a spec of nothing, it is a farce. You must go beyond what it is you control and release into, open up into the greatest, most brilliant expansive love there is.

Everything you do to expand, open and release is going to bring you back to the Source of all creation and connect, commune and create with all. Everyone and everything is One. Everything that exists is one, a complete and utter one.

Open up, expand up, connect to the light, let the light enter into your body

Allow this light to permeate every cell, every thought

Feel its warmth and comfort as it washes over you, through you and outside of you

Let this light be with you always

Let this light connect you to the Source of all creation

Let this light connect you with all things, the Earth, all creatures and people, This light connects you to the entire ever expanding Universe.

Take comfort in knowing you are all the same, you are all connected, you are all one.

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