Mary “Maroznia” Rossi

Psychic Medium (Birth – present)

Master Hairstylist - Cheshire School of Hairdressing (1987)

Licensed Massage Therapist – Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (1996)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner – Certification Level 1 (2002) & II (2003)

Reflexology Certification (2005)

Owner & Operator of Maroznia’s Adornments  (2006 - present)

Handcrafted Soap Maker (2016)

Crystal Reiki Certification Master/Teacher (2017)

      Maroznia can help you communicate with a loved one (human or animal) who has transitioned to the other side by communing with Spirit with the help of her guides, directly connecting with a transitioned Spirit through various modalities such as Psychometry (using a physical item such as jewelry, keys or a personal item to connect energetically with) or a combination of card reading and mediumship to the Spirit World to help you with unanswered questions and ultimately bring peace into your heart. "My spiritual experiences began when I was 3 years old. The history of "knowing information" and "seeing spirit on the other side" has just always been."  

     Maroznia is a Master Hairstylist who has been educated by several companies such as; Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Nexxus,  Aveda and Depileve. She is trained in all aspects of Hairstyling including Cutting, Color, Foils, Up-dos, waxing and more at a beautiful salon in Plantsville, CT, Better Looks LLC

     An important part to what Maroznia provides at her home office is a setting for relaxation and to provide services to promote wellness and balance such as Energy Center Balance,  Crystal Reiki, Reflexology, Muscle Release, Readings  & Animal Communication.
     Besides being a hairstylist "Maroznia's Adornments" is another creative outlet for Maroznia, selling handcrafted soaps (made from scratch), hair, skin and body products online and at various Small Business' in the US. This work brings her so much joy and she infuses Love and Light into every product.