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      Mary graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington CT  August 11, 1996 in the New York Massage Therapist Program and holds a Massage Therapist license in CT.  The NY program at CCMT included additional classes such as Neurology, Kinesiology and Acupressure.  After graduation she continued her education by becoming a teacher assistant at CCMT  for an additional year in classes including Massage Therapy I and Acupressure as well as continuing education in Canine Massage, Lomilomi massage, Temporal Mandibular Massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage and Reflexology. Being fascinated with Energy and The Spirit World and wanting to help people

"whole"-istically Mary received her Reiki I and II with Ruth Harris MSW  November 9, 2002 and March 2, 2003 as well as Crystal Reiki Master, May 6, 2017

      Learning has always been an intricate part of who Mary is, using her natural abilities coupled with her learned skills she is able to create a magnificent "tri-fecta" effect with her clients, a Body, Mind and Spiritual journey. 

What's Available?

30 or 60 minute Therapeutic Massage (Thursday Mornings Only)

Canine Massage Therapy

Available by appointment only 

Please Call/Text Mary 860-302-6238

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